Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Manasamarthyadata EGroup

P.P. Bapu’s (Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi) divine mission of re-establishing the three fundamental principles of the Almighty – Satya (Truth), Prem (Love) and Anand (Joy) was unveiled before the world in the year 1996 and has completed 10 eventful years. Today there are millions of bhaktas of P.P. Bapu spread not only in India but around the globe that transcend all barriers of religion, caste, creed and nationality. With the passage of time, and with so many activities and projects happening around us, all with His grace, the volume of information to be communicated has increased manifold. manasamarthyadata@yahoogroups.com formed under the leadership and holy guidance of P.P. Samir Dada, seeks to connect all Bapu Bhaktas anywhere in the world to the events and happenings back home thru a NEWSLETTER.

What is it then that sets HIM apart from the rest? HE is indeed a SADGURU who defies convention, whose profile is unique;
  • A qualified doctor–MD – Medicine - a gold medallist –a Rheumatologist of repute
  • Born on the most auspicious day of Kartik (Tripurari) Pournima on November 18, 1956,at 04:35Hrs
  • HIS bhaktas firmly believe that HE is GOD INCARNATE; although P.P. Bapu in HIS most holy work Grantharaj Shrimad Purushartha (Satyasmriti) has proclaimed that “I am not an Avatara of anybody…I am only your friend”
  • A complete family man with wife who is most reverently addressed as Nanda Mata, son Pauras and daughter Shakambari.

The newsletter, which is an initiative of a group of bhaktas of P.P. Bapu, for the benefit of all other Bapu bhaktas, will have the following unique features :
  • A comprehensive translation of the Marathi and Hindi pravachan in English and Hindi language which P.P. Bapu delivers on every Thursday
  • Updates on the Aniruddha’s Bank of Ramnaam
  • Updates on the various seva initiatives undertaken through the various charitable institutions that propagate the preachings and teachings of P.P. Bapu .
  • Announcements of forthcoming events
  • Announcements of Thursday notices
  • Panchasheel examinations
  • Same day reporting on important functions such as Guru Pournima, Ram Navami, Aniruddha Pournima etc

If you wish to get this Newsletter, please join this group.


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